Scholarship. Community. Opportunity.

Durack College is dedicated to mentoring, supporting and empowering young women to become the critical thinkers of the future.

The College is an exciting innovation in tertiary accommodation, also offering extensive professional development seminars, unparalleled access to industry mentoring programs and unique employment opportunities.

We are looking for vital, emboldened, curious and compassionate undergraduate and postgraduate women studying at Brisbane institutions, to join our pioneering learning community.

Applications are now open for 2021. Limited vacancies are also available for 2020.

If you would like to join our living and learning community CLICK HERE for more information about the admission process.

Fees - See our schedule of charges in the College Fact Sheet here.

More about the College

Our college is a unique tertiary residence for young women studying in Brisbane. Located in the leafy northern suburb of Ascot, Durack College is set in a quiet garden enclave adjacent to St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, with stunning views of the river, city centre and beyond. The grounds, common areas and individual rooms are all spacious, and either look over the spectacular cityscape or enjoy a peaceful garden vista.

It is also a short 15-minute bus ride from Brisbane’s CBD and affords easy access to the universities.

Durack College not only offers accommodation and full board including meals, utilities and Wi-Fi, it combines this with its unique Student Success Program, tailored to young under-graduate and post-graduate students. Our students will study at a range of tertiary institutions across Brisbane and be supported and mentored by the College Director and other professionals to assist them with negotiating all aspects of post-school life, in a nurturing and positive environment.

Durack College helps young women build a solid foundation for future success and is the ideal stepping stone as they prepare for their life and future.