Mission & Values

College Vision

Durack College is a premier residential College for undergraduate and postgraduate women. Through spheres of influence, it mentors and grows young women so they can inform the future, empower others and thrive.

College Mission

We are a Christian community that reflects the philosophy of the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent. We aim to provide a nurturing, respectful and scholarly environment, characterised by collegians who are compassionate, vital, emboldened, curious and aspirational.

College Values

At Durack College we:

Value our Community

- We actively participate in college life

- We are known for our positive college spirit

- We honour the College’s heritage within the mission of the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent (SSA)

- We respect and support other collegians

Value Achievement

- We pursue our scholarship with passion, enthusiasm and commitment

- We encourage enterprising and innovative thinkers

- We set goals and strive to achieve them whilst recognising that achievement comes in many forms

- We celebrate success but value effort and contribution more

Value Contribution

- We actively seek to include our fellow collegians in college life

- We actively seek to be of service to the St Margaret’s community and the broader community

- We actively seek to empower women through fostering social responsibility