Welcome to Durack College

To understand the philosophy of Durack College you need to go back 123 years; to a time when women couldn’t vote, career options for females were limited and when tertiary education for girls was virtually unheard of.

A visionary group of women, The Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent, felt a balanced society needed the voices of educated women and so began their mission to prepare young girls for tertiary studies.

The opening of Durack College in 2015 (formally St Margaret’s College from 2015 to 2017) has been an important extension of this longstanding vision. The legacy of those inspirational Sisters burns strongly in our ethos. We want the women of the future to be vital, emboldened, curious and compassionate.

The College is focused on supporting, mentoring and empowering women, as they continue to strive for educational success in tertiary institutions. Part of this mission includes our innovative Student Success Program, creating opportunities to network with industry leaders and the business community, as well as academic support from a team of professional and peer tutors. College programs and activities also provide boundless possibilities and learning experiences, which have potential to transform your life forever.

More than just a place of residence, the College also offers high quality pastoral care and complementary programs to its students to give them their best chance of success. We aim to create a community of like-minded learners with their sights set clearly on a successful future.

This is a boutique facility, with highly sought after places, nestled in a safe and secure suburb. Our size means we are able to focus on the individual and create a college experience like no other, where enduring friendships are made and networks established that will remain with you for a lifetime. Through the quality of our student life and our academic program we prepare our residents to make a difference in the world.

To download a Fact Sheet about the College CLICK HERE.

We invite you to take a tour of Durack College to see our “view to the future”.

To book a tour, call 07 3862 0850 or email reception@durackcollege.com.au