Fee Schedule

Accommodation fees are calculated on either a semester or trimester basis (depending on your university academic calendar - typically 35 weeks for two semesters) and will include Welcome Week, study and exam weeks. Please refer to your university academic calendar for start and end dates. Students may stay during the vacation periods at the weekly rates. Please note that the 2020 fees are currently under review and may increase from the current fees outlined in the fact sheet. 

Fees are payable prior to the commencement of each semester and includes meals, electricity, Wi-Fi, weekly vacuuming of rooms, laundering of sheets, and use of school facilities when available (eg swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, library).

ONCE ONLY CHARGES (Non-Refundable Fees)

Application Fee: $100 (St Margaret’s & St Aidan’s Current and Past Students: $50)

This is payable only once with the application form, and is to cover the costs of processing the application.

Provisional Admission Fee: $1000

This fee is payable only once, on acceptance of a place in the College. This fee will be deducted from the semester residential fee upon confirmation of place at a university in Brisbane.

College Resident Activities Fee: $375

This is payable on acceptance of a place in the College. This fee covers college activities and helps to promote college cohesion and community spirit within the College. Returning residents will pay this fee annually.

Welcome Week Fee: $400

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a full program of orientation activities prior to the commencement of the Semester 1 academic year. The exact dates of Welcome Week will be confirmed closer to the date, given the staggered start of the different universities in Brisbane. All students are required to pay the full Welcome Week fees, even if they are unable to attend some activities. 

*Please note that all new and returning students are strongly encouraged to attend Welcome Week.

For further information please find the Fact Sheet attached.


Car Parking Facility: 

A limited number of parking spaces are available to college residents, which are granted each semester at the discretion of the College Director. The privilege to be granted a car space remains available only as long as college parking regulations, speed limits and State laws are observed. The cost for this facility is $400 per semester and senior returning residents have priority.

To find out more, download the 2020 Car Park Request Form.