Future Students

Student Success Program

Durack College is distinguished from others through its Student Success Program, which incorporates a personalised mentoring and leadership program, academic support through peer tutoring, a social responsibility program and extensive opportunities for employment through St Margaret’s Anglican Girl's School.

The College’s focus is on creating an academic and scholarly environment, with an innovative and exciting mentoring program and event schedule, to help support and inspire you through your tertiary studies.

The skills you will learn and the contacts you will make will give you the leading edge when you graduate.

The Student Success Program includes:

IMPACT - Leadership and Mentoring

The College encourages students to take up the challenge of leadership and discover their potential by expanding knowledge of themselves, the world, and their role within it. The Leadership Learning Program gives consideration to personal leadership, professional leadership and the skills that might be beneficial when implementing personal and professional plans.

Personal leadership skills help students develop insights into themselves, which may guide both their actions now and in the future. Professional leadership strategies examine the knowledge and understandings that students may need to lead people and projects in the future.

The College mentoring program has a strong business and industry linkage, with leading experts in the fields mentoring residents. This includes industry networking dinners and events where students are exposed to high flyers in their fields. This provides real world experiences for residents including building leadership skills, networks and pathways for job-ready graduates.

All of these experiences will help residents develop as individuals and gain the skills and confidence to thrive in life after university.


The CollegeConnect series is designed to introduce the residents to a range of professionals from varied fields and industries who have interesting stories to share regarding their education and career journeys. The format of these evenings include a reception where the featured guests meet and mingle with the residents over a drink and nibbles. Then all invited guests sit on a student-led panel to share their stories, advice and opinions about their industries, future workplaces and education.

The CollegeConnect series is one of our most popular programs and has become a feature event on the College calendar.

MASTERCLASS - Enterprise Skills

The MasterClass series is designed so you can learn new skills, develop your talents and become an even more attractive candidate for employers. MasterClass series offers leadership and interpersonal development sessions throughout the year and provide networking opportunities with employers from all fields.

By completing at least 75 percent of the program series you will receive a certificate of completion from Durack College acknowledging your participation in the program.

One of the great advantages of becoming a MasterClass graduate is the chance to complement your undergraduate qulification with a new set of skills which would be an invaluable addition to any degree - and is sure to give you an edge when it's time to pursue the career of your dreams.

ADVISING - Academic Support

Durack College plays a crucial role in assisting and guiding students in their academic endeavours. Our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in the academic programs that we offer. Undergraduate students are supported by the College Director who will meet with you and provide advice and support on your course program and will monitor and discuss your progress.

The College also provides academic support in the form of tutors, who are made up of teams of undergraduate and postgraduate students. These senior students and peers will provide a high standard of academic expertise, with access to recent/up-to-date subject matter, to assist you with your studies. Durack College also has a student academic advisor to support first and second year residents with planning, time management and balancing your work, university and social life. Our academic program is devised to provide a solid foundation on which to build academic success.

ACTION - Social Responsibility

The social responsibility program encourages students to be involved in group experiences, to build on personal commitments, passions, and extend personal learning beyond the traditional classroom learning environment. The program aims to extend educationally relevant experiences beyond university, and to broaden the depth of engagement in initiatives. Residents are encouraged to volunteer at local charities, get involved with fundraising initiatives and support community service groups.

EARN & LEARN - Employment

The College has an agreement with St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School that when employment opportunities arise suitable College applicants can apply for positions.