Future Students

Why Durack College?

Durack College offers a boutique residential experience, with a unique and personalised focus on educational success.

We work hard to create a culture and environment based on academic excellence. Our focus is on helping you to get the most out of your tertiary education, as well as your residential college experience, so that you get the head start you need to make a difference in the world.

The small but vibrant community of learners is offered a tailored living environment, making the transition to new routines easier and more rewarding. There are only 26 residency places, allowing Durack College to be both a private sanctuary and a busy and exciting community.

Collegians have access to the Student Success Program, which opens doors to leading industry mentors, provides skills based leadership development opportunities, academic support, develops civically engaged global citizens and provides potential employment opportunities at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School.

Durack College is also a safe and secure accommodation facility, with access to 24 hour health care facilities and quality food prepared by experienced chefs.

We are more than a residential college, we can help you gain the skills and edge you need in the competitive graduate entry workplace.