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Celebration of New Beginnings at the third Annual Commencement Dinner

To mark the beginning of a new academic year, Durack College held its third annual Commencement Dinner on Wednesday 8 March, which coincided with International Women’s Day. It was also an opportunity for us to welcome four new residents to the College.

The College residents were joined for the evening by members of the College Advisory Council and special guest Ms Karen Gorrie, Deputy Principal of St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School. We thank them for attendance at our special evening and their continued support of the College.

The guests were entertained with three exceptional musical items performed by College residents. Dayna Johnston and Laura Jones opened the night with two individual pieces. Dayna performed ‘The Cadenza from Aaron Copland’s Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra’ on the clarinet, followed by Laura who played ‘Something Maybe’ by Pamela Wedgwood on the cornet. Later in the evening, Katherine Williams sung and played an original piece she composed called ‘Most of Now’. It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the incredible talent of our girls.

College Director, Dr Kylie Armstrong, shared an insightful thought piece about our generation of millennials. She discussed how society does not always view our generation in a positive light, but encouraged us to draw on the strengths of the millennials and strive to be young women who are prepared to act with integrity, stand up for their values and to support those who are vulnerable in our society, to embrace tolerance and difference and to be accountable for our actions and behaviours.

The catering team once again delighted us with a delicious dinner, and an impressive dessert that amazed us all.

It was a lovely evening enjoyed by all, and the College residents look forward to the many formal dinners to come throughout the year.