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College Residents Live Below the Line

It is a term often thrown about, yet few of us can fully appreciate what it means to live in extreme poverty. This semester, a number of our college residents sought to gain just a small insight into this world, where every cent counts. To do this we participated in the Live Below the Line challenge. By living on just $2 of food a day, the extreme poverty line in Australia, we gained a greater appreciation for the meticulous planning it takes to function on such a limited budget. Thankfully for us there was always an end in sight, but the realisation that some people live like this their whole life is truly eye opening and heartbreaking.  

In completing this challenge, our aim was not just to raise awareness, but also money for Live Below the Line’s founders, the Oaktree Foundation. One of Oaktree’s central beliefs is that education can break the cycle of poverty. With several major projects internationally, including in Timor and Cambodia, Oaktree is generating change for the better in these impoverished communities and proving the old clique that knowledge is power. It is our desire that the Durack College team raises as much money as possible before the June 30th cut-off to assist Oaktree’s vision of eradicating extreme poverty in our lifetime. Live Below the Line was a challenging task, but certainly a worthwhile cause.