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Outstanding Semester One 2015 Academic Results for Foundation College Residents

Durack College residents have achieved outstanding first semester academic results, with a mean Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.2. College Director Dr Kylie Armstrong said she was delighted with the commitment, focus and mature approach the young women had demonstrated towards their studies.

“We enculturate our residents into academic life and set productive approaches to study in place right from the outset,” said Dr Armstrong.

“Integrated academic and support activities are key tenants of the College’s Student Success Program and the academic program is responsive to students’ individual needs.”

Students have regular check-in meetings with the College Director, who implements tailored academic support strategies. They are also involved in small-group tutorials, peer learning and connected with senior students in their degree.

“This prompts active and integrated forms of learning that immerse students in an intellectual climate that exposes them to enriching academic contexts,” said Dr Armstrong.

“We have a diverse range of students studying differing undergraduate degrees from local universities and already it is evident our academic program is playing a key role in shaping student expectations and sense of belief in what they can achieve.”

Durack College is focused on ensuring every resident reaches their academic potential. Comprehensive academic programs support residents in their studies; this also includes support from live-in resident tutors, who are on hand to assist with tricky concepts or review ideas for an assignment. They can also advise residents on subject choices, as well as mentor first years, in particular, in following the right path for their chosen career.

Dr Armstrong said supporting first year students with the transition to university studies, and keeping track of their progress, to ensure any problems that arise are addressed quickly, can make or break a university degree and ultimately impact a person’s career.